The Journey of a Lifetime


Holy Land USA Bedford, Virginia​

Holy Land USA Bedford is a historic attraction, replicating biblical sites to tell the story of Jesus Christ. Currently under revitalization, follow our page for future events and updates. Future events include community worship services, tours and more.

50 years of history


The 200-acre park was created by Robert Johnson, in 1970s, in memory of his son. As Bob traveled to Israel many times over the years, many landmarks were built based on the historical sites and were meant to be as exact as possible replicas. When Bob passed away, the park was sold in parts and today Mr. and Mrs. Sloan own 74 acres, that they have ventured to rekindle as a park for everyone’s enjoyment. The park has a capacity to receive 40,000 visitors per year.

Our Mission Statement

Revive a land of Consecration to Jesus Christ
Share the Gospel with all Nations
Bring unity to the entire Community



Attend our praise and worship concerts ont the promises, indoor or outdoor.

Check our Facebook page for schedules


Book a tour with us, we have guides available every weekend. We can also set u custom tours for groups during the week.


Call us to book your special milestone. Baby dedications, baptisms, weddings…